Sam, I Am, Peach Jam I Am

Gramma and Popie planted a tree

For Evan ‘n Brandon, Nick, Ben and Me.

Peaches they grow

But how would they know

So many, for Sam I Am, Peach Jam I Am

So Gramma took a pan

Peach jam I can can.

Peaches, sugar and jell

Some extract to make it swell.

She added some heat.

This jam can’t be beat!

Just ask

Sam I Am, Peach Jam I Am

“On toast or bread

This is one fine spread”

Says Evan ‘n Brandon, Nick, Ben and Me.

From the peach tree to the table

We share if we are able.

But do we dare?

Let’s ask

Sam I am Peach Jam I Am.

“It is the best”, Gram

Says Sam I Am.

Come sit and we’ll share.

I guess we dare.

Milk, bread and jam

And a kiss from Sam.

“So glad they planted a tree

for Evan ‘n Brandon, Nick, Ben and Me”.

Says Sam I Am, Peach Jam I Am.

Grandma Gwen, 2000



He is tall and lean,

A runner so mean.

A trip through the hills

Will soon test his skills.


He runs like a deer,

He does not fear.

Down through the trails

To the clearing he sails.


Soccer, student or skates

Football, swimmer or mate

Evan does his best

Whatever the test.


To the top he will climb,

Just give him some time.

Few are as fine,

As this grandson of mine.


He is                

A Fisher Man

A Sports Man

A Skates Man

A States Man

A Student Man

But best of all:                    

A Workman

Grandma Gwen, 2001